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News: Powershell 2.0 CTP is out!

The first CTP of Microsoft Powershell 2.0 is out right now!


You can get your version here: Powershell 2.0 CTP


Some of the features in this release:


•  PowerShell Remoting

•  Graphical PowerShell

•  ScriptCmdlets

•  Restricted Runspaces

•  RunspacePools

•  Background Jobs

•  Data Language

•  Script Internationalization

•  Script Debugging

•  24 New Cmdlets

•  Parser Tokenizer API

•  New PowerShell Hosting APIs

•  Metadata APIs for Command and Parameters


Some of the features mentioned require special settings on your maschine so please pay attention to the following posts:

What´s new?


Hope this helps!



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Posted:  11/6/2007 7:36:00 AM  by  mdenkmaier
Tags:  PowerShellNews
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