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ASP.NET - Chart Control Download Links

On popular request I wanted to share a simple list of download links with all the tools and installers needed to enable the usage of the ASP.NET Charting Controlsout of Visual Studio 2008. Downl...

Is the Visual Studio 2008 Javascript debugger crippled?

Kevin Dente is discussing a little but annoying problem regarding to the Javascript debugger in the new Visual Studio 2008! Share this discussion...

News: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 available soon

According to reports on the official MSDN Subscriptions Weblog Microsoft will release Visual Studio 2008 this week. It will first be made available to MSDN Subscribers all others will follow... ...

Posted: 11/19/2007 8:23:00 AM by mdenkmaier | 0
Filed under: NewsVisual Studio
Videos: Visual Studio 2008 Training Videos

Microsoft is publishing tutorial videos on Visual Studio 2008 at! Watch Scott Guthrie and other Microsoft guys teaching the essentials to get ...

How to: Display assembly in the VS.NET Add Reference dialog box

When you are developing custom class libraries you may want users to be able to pick them directly from the Add Reference dialog box in Visual Studio rather then have them browse for it. For thi...

Posted: 5/7/2007 5:55:39 PM by mdenkmaier | 0
Filed under: How toVisual Studio
Visual Studio 2005 build process locks assembly output

Under some circumstances the Visual Studio 2005 process can generate locks on the output assemblies while building your projects. This typically occurs in projects with more than 10 projects in one...

Posted: 3/6/2007 1:38:16 PM by mdenkmaier | 0
Filed under: C#Visual StudioDevelopment
How to disable Visual Studio 2005 automatic item population of toolbox

If you have many projects with even more user control in your Visual Studio 2005, you will encounter an extremely long delay when opening a form with the forms designer. This delay exists because V...